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Spam Musubi and Tofu Musubi

Hi Everyone! Today we are celebrating Aiko's 2nd birthday! One of the foods that we made on this day was spam and tofu musubi! Spam musubi is a popular local dish in Hawaii that I grew up with. Although I didn't have it too often, I did enjoy it when it was available. Today I wanted to create a twist for this dish for those people that aren't too excited about spam... or wanted a healthier option and use firm tofu. Both options turned out great! And I would recommend both when making spam musubis!

If you want to see the full process and clips from Aiko's birthday party, click here:

Equipment used to film this video: (Amazon Affiliate Links)



Iphone Mount:

Short Tripod:

Iphone Telepod:

Gather ingredients: (Rice not shown)

Cut 1 can of spam into 8 slices

Cut tofu into 6-8 slices. Let the tofu sit on a paper towel to take out the water.

Mix shoyu and sugar together to create teriyaki sauce:

Fry tofu and spam. Flip and evenly fry both sides.

Turn down the pan heat and add in the teriyaki sauce. Let the spam and tofu soak up the sauce.

Once the sauce thickens, remove from pan.

**Before making musubis, make sure to have a bowl of water with salt available and also make sure the rice is cool.

Lay down 1 piece of nori (seaweed)

Place the musubi maker on top. Add in rice and use the top of the musubi maker to flatten.

Add furikake.

Place spam on top of the furikake

Place the top of the mold on the spam and push the wooden sides through.

Wrap the nori around the top of the musubi and close with the salt water.

Cut in half

Teriyaki Recipe:

2 parts shoyu (This is what we use at home)

1 part sugar

Mix together.

8-10 cups of rice (white rice is the best for this dish)

We used hapa rice which is a blend of both white and brown.

2 cans of spam (cut into 8 slices each)

(we like the less sodium one)

1 block of firm tofu

*Optional: Furikake (Nori based rice topping)

Spam Musubi Maker Options: (single) (double)


***Some of the links above are affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission if anyone purchases through them. This helps support my channel so I can continue to create more blogs for Hawaii Food and Family!

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