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Date Night in Waikiki, Dinner and a Show

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

The Waikiki nightlife is full of live music, bustling hotels, creative street performers, and crowded with people. Most weekends, Reid and I try to avoid the area overall. However, once in awhile we enjoy "playing tourist" and go on a date to Waikiki!

One of our favorite "go-to" restaurants in Waikiki is Chibo Teppanyaki and Okonomiyaki. Chibo's is a quaint and intimate hibachi-style restaurant located on Beachwalk Ave. They have a small outdoor seating area, full bar, happy hour menu, and an array of delicious Japanese appetizers and foods that will satisfy any palate.

We enjoy the crispy gyoza, kimchee pork, seared ahi, sausage, mixed green salad, and my absolute favorite is the okonomiyaki. If you love okonomiyaki, you will enjoy this restaurant and want to go back for more. Each time we return, I order a mochi-cheese and pork okonomiyaki. It is the best!

I would highly recommend Chibo's to anyone that enjoys Japanese Teppanyaki-Style/Okonomiyaki flavors. You won't regret it!

280 Beach Walk Avenue,

Suite L-106

Honolulu, Hawaii 96815

After dinner, Reid and I went to The Blue Note for the very first time to watch the artist Kawehi, perform. The Blue Note is a jazz club and restaurant located in the Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort on Kalakaua Avenue. This was the first time that we've heard live music since the pandemic started so we were both very excited.

We both felt very safe as each party was social distanced from each other and there was plexiglass put up between each of the areas. Once we got seated, we were able to take off our masks, order drinks and dessert (there is a $10 per person minimum), and wait for the show to begin. The overall ambiance at the Blue Note gives off a modern nightclub feel with a classy calmness.

Kawehi did an awesome performance with her eclectic style using her keyboard, loop pedal, beatboxing, and vocals. Her music is so creative as she sang both original songs and covers. For Reid, this performance hit closer to home because he's known Kawehi since college so it was extra special for him!

Overall, we had a wonderful "Date Night" in Waikiki eating and listening to music. We can't wait to go back to The Blue Note in a couple months (we have tickets to another show!).

Hopefully this gave you some ideas of things to do in Waikiki for "Date Night" or with your friends or family! Have fun and stay safe.

2335 Kalakaua Avenue

Honolulu, HI 96815

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The Blue Note Hawaii is great, I went there several times over the years to see the late Willie K perform, along with so many other great Hawaiian artists.

Cari Taira
Cari Taira
Sep 02, 2021
Replying to

I agree! Glad you were able to experience it as well!

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