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At the end of May 2022, Reid and I decided to take one last trip together to Oregon before baby arrives. WHY OREGON? Since we are both from Hawaii, we wanted a change of scenery, weather, and I didn't want to travel too far at this time because I was already in my third trimester of pregnancy. Also, I went to the University of Portland for college many years ago and was excited to share some of my experiences and favorite places with Reid.


  1. Wear comfortable clothes on the airplane.

  2. If you can purchase EXTRA COMFORT seats... or even FIRST CLASS for your flight, do it! (Reid purchased extra comfort seats for us both ways, and I am very thankful that he did! The extra space was much needed for my pregnant body...)

  3. Bring an extra small pillow for your back and blanket. I used an extra blanket to place under my feet. Most airlines don't provide any extra blankets or pillows anymore... or you have to purchase them.

  4. Wear compression socks throughout the whole flight and try to prop up your feet throughout the flight (as best as you can). Here are the ones I wore and really LOVED! Physix Gear Compression Socks:

  5. Get up every hour on the airplane and stretch your legs.

  6. Stay hydrated throughout the flight.



Reid and I stayed at the Embassy Suites by the Portland Airport. We enjoyed the free breakfast and free parking! We arrived at the hotel on a Friday night and was able to take the free shuttle to the hotel that evening. Reid decided to rent a car from the next day (which saved us money!) and on that morning, we took the free shuttle back to the airport to pick up our car. We also saved money at the end of our trip as well by returning our car the night before we were flying home! We enjoyed our experience at this hotel and would recommend it to those spending time in Portland!


  1. Portland Japanese Garden: The Portland Japanese Garden is conveniently located in the hills of Portland right above the International Rose Test Garden. Admission for adults is $18.95 so if you do go, make sure you are able to take your time to enjoy the sights and scenery. The overall landscape is quite beautiful and there are so many picturesque photo opportunities. Honestly, I wished I dressed a little nicer on this day for that reason...

Also, the Umami Cafe available for patrons which serves green tea and Japanese sweets. We did not make reservations ahead of time and when we went to ask for a table, we were told that there was a two hour wait. Next time I would make sure to reserve a table in advance, which can be done online.

At 32/33 weeks pregnant, I had to take extra precautions while walking around the garden. The paths are paved but there was also some points where the walkway was uneven, uphill, or at a decline, so make sure to wear shoes. It also rained a little so I made sure to walk slow to avoid slipping or falling. Overall, this is a beautiful garden that brought me back to past trips to Japan... a place a can't wait to return to.

2. PORTLAND SATURDAY MARKET: The Portland Saturday Market brings back so many fond memories of my days in college with friends and family... rummaging through so many unique, eclectic, and colorful booths. This was my first time back in over 10 years and it was nice to return. The overall market felt smaller than before, which I am assuming are due to effects of the pandemic and the riots that took place over the last two years. However, it was still nice to see so many small businesses and creative artists sharing and selling their work.

Reid thoroughly enjoyed the beer stand that was available from (Migration Brewing: and I enjoyed a very nostalgic elephant ear (similar to a churro or malasada) which was delicious. We also purchased a beautiful photo of the waterfront area covered in cherry blossom trees that will remind us of our baby moon trip to Portland!

Here's more information about the Portland Saturday Market if you are in the area!


Reid and I really enjoyed the drive to Multnomah Falls which is about a 40 minute drive east of Portland. This is a beautiful and scenic drive into the mountains and during the summer months, the luscious Douglas fir trees and oak trees are the main landscape view. On our way to Multnomah Falls, we stopped at The Vista House. The Vista House was built in 1918 as a rest stop for travelers traveling down the Columbia River Valley. This stop has a quaint coffee stand and clean bathrooms (which is important... especially when pregnant!). We also got to read about the history of the Vista House and learn a little bit more about the valley. After stopping there, we made a stop at Latourell Falls which is a small waterfall on the way to Multnomah Falls. After a short 5 minute walk uphill, a beautiful and picturesque waterfall appears. This is a great photo spot as well!

After getting back on the road, we drove another 15 minutes or so... very excited to see Multnomah Falls. We started to see signs about needing a permit to continue forward. At some point, we reached a park ranger who mentioned that in order for us to have kept going on the road that we were driving on, we needed to have applied for a permit to see Multnomah Falls. The permit itself is $2 but on the day that we went, they were booked until 4 PM! They only allow 70 cars in per hour because traffic in the area has been too high. Disappointed, we turned around and unfortunately did not get to see Multnomah Falls on this trip. We will definitely make it a point to return.


About an hour and a half west of Portland is Tillamook Creamery. I would definitely recommend coming here if planning on taking a drive to the Oregon Coast. Tillamook Creamery is an educational and enjoyable spot to learn about how the company creates their cheese and they have a full food menu and ice cream bar available! Reid and I generally like to purchase Tillamook cheeses and ice cream so visiting the creamery gave both of us a better appreciation for the amount of time and resources that go into creating the cheese we eat!

After taking a self-guided tour of a step by step process on how they make their cheese and eating a free sample of cheddar cheese, Reid and I snacked on some orange and vanilla ice cream and fried cheese curds. It was a lot of dairy all at once, which for those who are lactose, it can be a lot. (Make sure to bring your lactaid!). But it was DELICIOUS!


A famous beach that many tourists and natives flock to every year is Cannon Beach, located about 80 miles northwest of Portland. It's a beautiful beach with a stunning coastline and a front seat view of the famous Haystack Rock (featured in many films, which include The Goonies, Twilight, Point Break, and Free Willy). We didn't spend much time in this town, but we enjoyed the scenic elements and the ocean breeze.


For all the theater and artsy buffs out there, I encourage you to watch a show at Keller Auditorium. It's a double balcony 3000 seat theater with a beautiful lobby and full service cafe. I remember as a college student seeing many shows in that space and loving the overall venue and ambiance that it provided.

If we have time when traveling, I always like to to see what shows or performances are in town. On our last night in Portland, we decided to see the musical, Pretty Woman. I bought these tickets about a month in advance to make sure we would be able to get seats. Since I wasn't very familiar with this show, I bought some of the cheapest tickets located in the second balcony.

The show itself was okay (this is not a theatrical review) so to keep it brief, it was very similar to the movie with less than enjoyable music. On the bright side, the performers were amazing and we got to see Adam Pascal (original Roger in Rent) perform live. However, it's hard for the show to shine when the music is less than average. I did enjoy having the opportunity to visit the theater again and to see live theater. (At the time that I am writing this blog post, masks were required for all patrons.)


Reid and I really enjoyed going on the Portland Aerial Tram for the first time which offers a beautiful view of the city. This short 5 minute tram ride is mainly for the Oregan Heath and Science University students and staff to travel between campuses. However, this tram is also open to the public for a small fee of $5.65 per person (a reasonable price for a nice view!).


1. Spielman Bagels: 2314 NW LOVEJOY ST. PORTLAND,OR 97210

2. Life of Pie (PIZZA): 1765 NW 23rd Avenue Portland, OR 97210

3. Ken's Artisan Bakery (Napolean Pizza): 304 SE 28th Avenue, Portland OR

4. Hawthorne Asylum (Food Trucks): 1080 SE Madison St, Portland, OR 97214


Every time I go to Oregon, I always try and hit Woodburn Outlets which is about 35-40 minutes outside of Portland. It is hands down my FAVORITE outlet mall because it has good stores and really good deals. Not to mention, Oregon does not charge sales tax which makes everything just a little bit cheaper. On this last trip to Woodburn, Reid and I found really good deals at the NIKE outlet, Disney Store, Carters, Ann Taylor, and The Loft to name a few. They have so many good stores that the deals are just hard to find anywhere else.

If you want to watch our babymoon adventure part one, click here!

Overall, Reid and I had a really nice trip! This was a great to culminate our time with just the two of us. Now moving forward, life will surely be different. I am ready to start new adventures, traveling with our little one, and creating new memories!

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***Some of the links above are affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission if anyone purchases through them. This helps support my channel so I can continue to create more blogs for Hawaii Food and Family!


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